Assertive Communication

Make yourself heard

Would you like to frequently say “no” but it is difficult for you to do so? Do you find it hard to deal with a conflict situation? Are you either too submissive or too aggressive in communicating with the others? Would you like to state your points of view without hurting the other or making unacceptable compromises? This learning program features methods and techniques that will improve your communication skills and understanding for the benefit of yourself and your organization.

Target audience

Those who want to get better at getting across their needs and wants whilst maintaining good relationships.

Key learning points & outcomes

 This training will help you

  • Know how to express discontent or criticism in a positive way
  • Express your thoughts and intentions clearly and directly, but without upsetting others
  • Better understand the communication process and what can make it fail
  • Become aware of your tendencies to aggressive or passive behavior
  • Use a range of techniques in order to manage conflicts successfully 

Program overview

  • Types of communication and behavior: direct/indirect, aggressive, passive, assertive
  • How to influence the self-esteem of others
  • Techniques and skills for assertive communication, including the “broken record” technique
  • “Win-win” relationships
  • Levels of listening
  • Building “Rapport” – getting on the same wavelength with the others
  • Communication profiles of different people

Course form

  • 1-day open or in-company training workshop.
  • Group size: 12-20