Behavioral Styles and Communication

Impact meets intent

Behavioral Style is a particular pattern of observable behavior patterns or habits, that have developed over time, and that are characteristic of a given individual. Your predominant Behavioral Style affects the way you do things, including your communication habits, such as: your verbal and non-verbal communication; how you organize and present information; how you establish credibility and build relationships; how you approach, manage, and resolve conflict; how you make decisions and solve problems. This program will help you develop an awareness of your own and others’ behavior and communication patterns, and help you make sure that the impact you make on others matches your intent. This will give you a great edge to making the most of your personality strengths, communicate more effectively, influence others more successfully, and build better relationships in business, as well as your private life.

Target audience

Managers and business professionals who want to polish and further develop the way they communicate with and influence others. Attending the TMI Program Behavioral Style Patterns – The Basics is a recommended prerequisite.

Key learning points & outcomes

This program covers the following main themes:

  • The 4 Behavior Styles: The Driver, Expressive, Amiable and Analytical
  • Reading the signs – identifying the preferred styles of those around you
  • Interactions between the styles: potential traps and how to avoid them
  • Communication and influencing styles: the 3 pillars of influencing
  • How to best influence each Behavior Style: key influencing actions
  • Putting your insights into practice