Brain Power

Unleash your mind

In the four modules of Brain Power, you explore and develop your creative and innovative thinking skills, master techniques to improve your memory and boost your reading ability. This program will increase your potential and personal effectiveness by helping you to access more of the dormant powers of your own brain. Brain Power is a real ‘Wake Up’ training for the overworked mind.

Target audience

Busy managers, business professionals and knowledge workers who need a boost to their minds, sharpening their focus, improving their thinking and multiplying their capacity to process information. 


High spots

What participants will walk away with

As a result of attending this program individuals will be able to:

  • Generate more creative and innovative solutions
  • Solve problems quicker
  • Read quicker
  • Understand more
  • Take better notes at meetings
  • Structure better presentations
  • Recall more information

Key learning points & outcomes

Program overview

This program addresses the following areas:
  • Learn how your brain works
  • Understand the barriers to creativity
  • Learn to use creativity techniques to solve problems
  • Master reading how to read and digest more information in less time
  • Learn to use Brain Mapping to structure your thoughts and ideas
  • Learn what affects your long- and short-term memory and access tools and techniques to help you recall more information for longer

Program Outline

Module 1 – Unlocking Creativity

  • The Business Case for the Brain
  • Introduction to the Brain
  • Defining and measuring creativity, creativity techniques

Module 2 – Creating a Reading Strategy

  • The Business Case for Improving Reading Speed
  • Introduction Exercise – Baseline Test
  • Speed Reading Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • The Brain & Concentration
  • Creating a Reading Strategy 

Module 3: Brain Mapping

  • The Business Case for Brain Mapping
  • The Principles of Brain Mapping
  • Ideas – The Dump Map
  • Note Taking with Brain Maps
  • Group Mapping 

Module 4: Improving Your Memory

  • The Business Case for Improving Memory
  • What’s My Memory Like?
  • The Brain and Memory
  • Making it Memorable – Applying the Principles to Presentations
  • Names and Faces
  • The Brain & Concentration

Course form

  • 2-day open or in-company training.
  • Group size: 6-12