Branded Customer Service

Build brand equity through on-brand service experiences, so that brand reinforcement occurs at every customer interaction


At TMI we understand that your brand is unique. We can help you to ensure that your service delivery style actually reinforces the emotional subtleties of your brand – consistently.
Customer-facing staff need to be intimately acquainted with the service brand they represent. It is only in this way that they can deliver customer experiences that are truly ‘on-brand’ – compelling to customers and authentic to your brand.
When this is lacking, interactions between customers and staff can frequently and easily weaken the brand.
At TMI we’ve worked extensively in this area and have built an outstanding organizational change methodology based around the premise of Branded Customer Service authored by Dr Janelle Barlow (USA) and Paul Stewart (New Zealand).
Branding your customer service is an approach that must be as unique, as your brand. It’s not a matter of taking a program off the shelf, as each organizational culture and business context is unique. Creating an ‘on-brand’ organization involves thoughtful and multiple interventions – across all touch points of the service culture.
We’ve worked in partnership with dozens of large and small businesses across the Globe helping our clients to:
  • Define their service brand DNA
  • Establish Measurements – so best behaviors can be identified and encouraged within the organization
  • Communicate more effectively – by setting up internal Brand Champions and defining a writing style that reflects the qualities of the brand
  • Manage – and align Human Resource interventions with the brand promise by recruiting, empowering, managing performance and recovering service in an on-brand way
  • Engage staff – to deliver the brand promise on a regular basis, and occasionally ‘wow’ customers with the intense promise your brand represents. 
We at TMI have helped major international brands create and implement unique branded customer experiences. What can we do to help you create yours?