Client Success Story, Global bank, Malaysia

Getting on-brand

Our client is a large global bank operating in Malaysia with over 5,000 staff. With an aspirational global
positioning promise, the Malaysian team wanted to ensure they were able to live the brand locally and be Malaysia’s most preferred bank. While they had been making progress in growing their market-share, there was still opportunity to differentiate themselves in the minds of customers. To sustain their growth aspirations they needed to broaden their appeal, widen their reach, and adopt a long-term customer relationship approach, together with continuing their transformation of systems and customer service culture. TMI Malaysia partnered with ON-Brand Partners™ to develop and design the solution.

What was delivered:

Through a range of consulting, analysis, workshops, communication design and events, the initiative focused on:
  • Building pride and confidence in the brand and a winning attitude
  • Strengthening alignment and collaboration across business units and functions
  • Increasing the empowerment of people by providing them with a framework to drive and shape changes
  • Shift from a compliance mind-set to an outcome orientation
  • Fulfilling the brand promise through better alignment of systems, processes and people
  • Lifting capability and competency in sales, service and people management
  • Differentiating the customer experience
  • Giving the customer service experience more vitality and attitude

What has been achieved:

  • Employee engagement increased 12%
  • Quality focus improved 40%
  • Customer wait times down 59%
  • Error rates down 93%
  • Cost-efficiency ratio improved by over 4.5%
  • Net profit growth +7%
  • Gallup score improvement of 10 points
 “Hiring TMI looks to be one of the best professional decisions I’ve ever made.”