Client Success Story Leading travel services organization, UK

Creating a whole new customer service experience

Our client is an innovative travel services organization operating in the UK, France and Belgium. Over the course of their 15 years in operation they have changed the way people travel to some major European destinations. Initially without direct competition in an industry not known for service, they realized that their service had plateaued. They excelled at technical aspects of service, such as punctuality of trains, but not so on the emotional aspects of the service experience of customers. Facing increasing customer expectations and potential competition from 2012, the leadership team decided to build on their strong brand, and high levels of employee loyalty and engagement to create and embed a differentiated customer service experience. They decided to partner with TMI UK to help them evolve to an envisioned new stage. A comprehensive initiative was designed and launched across the entire business involving all 3000 employees, not just the customer-facing teams.

What was delivered:

  • Customer focus groups conducted in the UK, Belgium and France
  • Design and delivery of a service strategy workshop creating our client’s service personality: ‘Warm & friendly, Intuitive, Genuine and Looked after’
  • Created a Customer Journey Map, using customer ethnography methods to map out the service experience from the customer’s viewpoint
  • Design and delivery of co-creation workshops in the UK, France and Belgium to design the desired service experience and delivery involving customers and service experts from leading service organizations like Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Disney Resort Paris and
  • Creation and implementation of a Customer Service Training Academy to prepare all customer-facing staff to deliver the new service experience. First module delivered by TMI consultants, followed by train-the-trainer workshops to prepare internal resources to deliver subsequent modules to over 3000 employees
  • 360 survey around desired service behaviors
  • 1:1 coaching to top 40 leaders on leading the organization in a customer service-oriented manner

What has been achieved:

  • 105 ideas generated from the co-creation process, out of which 97 have been implemented.
  • The customer satisfaction score increased gradually from 7.5/10 and attained 8.02 in 6 months. A pilot initiative resulted in 9/10 and 10/10 scorings just 8 months later
  • Praise for employees increased by 111% YOY
  • The initiative succeeded in building a relationship of trust with customers – providing them with excellent service and deserving their loyalty. This was not previously in focus, when the business excelled at punctuality and processes but not at people
  • The program resulted in a change in attitude and behaviors of the senior leadership team, the HQ support teams and the customer-facing teams in three countries, as well as taking their contractors on the journey
  • The initiative won the 2010 HR Excellence Awards in the UK as the Most Successful Change Management Program 
“We have worked with TMI for nearly two years to design our service experience and to develop and deliver our service experience training. TMI are great partners - they bring with them a real understanding and expertise from the service arena with a genuine design to do what's best for us.”
People and Service Director