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Management career path and talent exchange

Our client is a globally recognized icon of the retail industry. At the time they were experiencing major difficulties. Having stopped listening to their customers for years, they suffered the consequences in both reputation and profitability. With a change at the top, the organization started listening hard, learning quickly and delivering what customers wanted. The result was a major turnaround and re-establishment of brand image, as well as profitability.
An important part of the turnaround strategy was the Management Career Path (MCP), created to develop home-grown talent for the right roles, at the right time. MCP was designed to give managers the skills and experiences they needed to move up one level in the organization.

Traditionally, managers in retail progress through the ranks without ever moving outside the industry, often staying in the same organization throughout their career. As a result, senior managers often have never been exposed to the world outside retail. To address this shortcoming, MCP also needed to give managers enriching and inspiring experiences beyond the company and the retail industry.

What was delivered:

  • TMI helped clarify the concept and provide learning design support, overseeing the overall leadership development process. MCP offered various development options, including development centers, self-learning and group learning modules, 1:1 coaching, and business projects addressing real-life, real-time challenges.
  • TMI arranged for a Talent Exchange Program involving 6 organizations from different industries. In a rotating system, managers spent two weeks in partner organizations, focusing on relevant business issues and providing their recommendations to the receiving organization. Both sides benefit: managers are exposed to completely different organizational realities that present them with rich learning opportunities; while the host organization receives highly valuable expert inputs from experienced managers.
  • TMI helped design and deliver a broad range of learning master classes on subjects like ‘Leadership’, ‘Financial Management’, ‘Sales Management’ and ‘Business Leadership’.

What has been achieved:

  • Staff and management morale improved substantially; staff retention improved by 8%.
  • In the CEO’s words: “The clear career paths enabled employees to regain some of the pride they’d lost”
  • Filling management positions with exceptionally high success rates, whilst also ensuring smooth transitions to new roles
  • Through Talent Exchange invaluable inputs were generated for strategic initiatives. For example, our client was very keen to become more Internet savvy. The priceless advice they received from managers of an online travel agency essentially laid the foundations for their online retail strategy – which today is one of the best in the industry.

(Quote bubble) “TMI is the best external training consultancy we’ve worked with.