Client Success Story, World leading IT services company, UK

Professional development throughout Europe

Our client is a world leader in information management and storage solutions. They employ over 26,000 people in more than 50 countries, helping organizations keep essential digital information secure and continuously available. As market leaders they enjoyed consistent growth, resulting in the challenge to manage an increasingly complex structure and keep client service at a premium level to maintain their position. They realized that the support for senior managers was limited – potentially impeding further
business growth. TMI worked closely with the company’s leaders to develop and deliver a robust framework of professional development programs to equip their managers and professionals with the competencies needed to keep the company on a continued growth track.

What was delivered:

  • A comprehensive development program implemented by 24 coaches across Europe and the Middle East in 23 countries and 18 languages
  • A fast-paced initiative with practical tools to take away and use for the performance management of peers, both locally and across different structures, cultures and geographies
  • Support modules for managers to help them foster an effective working environment, and ensure a responsive and positive attitude towards customers
  • One-on-one coaching for continued success of personal action plans, and facilitated sessions to share experiences and best practice. 

What has been achieved:

  • Decreased downtime, fewer support requests, increased productivity. Feedback received consistently indicates that both participants and senior management are highly satisfied with the results of our co-operation
  • In its 2nd year the program became mandatory, and is a key part of a manager’s advancement and career path
  • The program is now linked to the organization’s performance management framework and employee survey, so that they can track the on-going organization benefit and return on investment. 
“Best training ever, most appropriate and gives real tools that we can use.”