Client Success Story, Worldwide renowned casino & resort, USA

Living the Brand

Our client is one of the world’s top 10 casinos. When they first invited TMI to work with their staff, they had just acquired one of their main competitors, doubling in size. They requested help with two challenges: designing a branded style of customer service that would be delivered consistently across multiple sites; and creating a distinct customer service culture across all the newly acquired properties. Our client wanted to become a ‘top box’ company – that is a desired place to work, as well as a home to their guests.

What was delivered:

  • We orchestrated simultaneous, multiple interventions with active top management leadership and intense staff involvement
  • We helped establish a baseline with comprehensive audit and metrics gathering
  • We facilitated corporate and senior management briefings, also including all properties to assure active involvement and support
  • We trained Internal Brand Champions called ‘Navigation Teams’ to host and facilitate 2-day Branded Customer Service™ interventions to 12,000 staff in three months. Over 90% of programs were opened or closed by their corporate leaders
  • We delivered a half-day empowerment program ‘Power to Please’ for all service staff
  • Staff produced a 40-page ‘Brand Book’ capturing the essence of their brand and organizational culture
  • We delivered training programs to 1,700 supervisors and managers to help translate their brand values to management and leadership approaches. 

What has been achieved:

  • Problems stemming from the merger issues immediately and fundamentally disappeared
  • Significant progress has been made on branding their customer service
  • Staff turnover rates fell from 60% at the beginning of our co-operation to 34%, lowest in the industry
  • Our client experienced no difficulty filling 2,000 workplaces at opening of new casino