A Complaint is a Gift

Using customer feedback as a strategic tool

Do you know how many customers you lost last quarter? Do you know why? Do you know what you’ll do to keep your customers’ business in future? A Complaint Is a Gift is an effective customer service training workshop about turning customer complaints into business opportunities, regaining unhappy customers' trust, and keeping them as customers.

Target audience

Managers and staff working in the services industry with direct customer contact either face-to-face, over the phone, online, or in writing.

High spots

Key benefits for your organization

  • Improved image
  • Increased profitability
  • Customer loyalty
  • Fewer customers lost
  • Increased market share
  • A more realistic idea of customer satisfaction
  • More satisfied customers after complaint handling
  • More complaints from customers who are dissatisfied, so you can learn from them and fix them
  • Improved awareness of the harmful effect of customer dissatisfaction
  • Improved awareness of the importance of handling complaints effectively
  • Improved awareness of the importance of keeping customers satisfied
  • Better internal relationships

Key benefits for you personally

  • You will be able to process complaints more effectively
  • You will learn to take criticism from others and use it to improve your personal quality
  • You will provide better service to both "internal" and "external" customers
  • You will learn how to complain yourself and to demand quality – thus helping to set the bar higher
  • You will increase your chances of promotion and of receiving more responsible assignments
  • You will create better personal relationships with others, internally and externally
  • You will achieve greater job satisfaction
  • You will improve your self-esteem

Key learning points & outcomes

Making customer relationship management really happen

We can often observe that CRM investments are rather high on the technical side, whereas proper investment into understanding, making sense of, and ‘living’ CRM is seldom executed. The result is that:
  • staff are not sure about what CRM is really all about, what the point is and what role they should play and why;
  • customers do not feel like receiving personal attention and personalized service at the customer touch-points;
  • important information from conversations with customers are not added to the system, leading to declining relevance and use of information stored. 
CRM Alive! is not only a practical “how-to” customer service and sales training course that takes participants into the world of customer relationships, but also provokes and inspires changes in related thinking, attitudes and habits.
CRM Alive! can support the implementation or revitalization of your Customer Relationship Management system and effectively helps to really make it happen. We inspire passion and belief in that each single employee, as an individual, can make a meaningful contribution to a long-lasting, individual and personalized relationship with customers.
The program helps every organization to make the best use of their CRM systems and translate process and technology to actual service excellence and success in sales.
The CRM Alive! customer service training program focuses on addressing 3 key questions:
  • How do we build relationships with our customers that feel authentic, individual and relevant to them?
  • How do we store, manage and utilize information we gather about our customers’ needs meaningfully, so these will actually help us be there for them at the right time and engage in relevant, personalized interactions with them?
  • How do we really engage in using CRM across the organization in a meaningful way that goes way beyond a simple tick-box approach and actually helps us improve our sales and customer service?

Course form

  • ½ or 1 day open or in-company customer service training workshop.
  • Group sizes between 20-200.
  • Participants receive a complimentary personal copy of the TMI book A Complaint Is a Gift by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller.
  • A Complaint Is A Gift is be best utilized organization-wide as part of our comprehensive Mapping Your Service Recovery Process intervention.
  • A Complaint Is a Gift is also available as a comprehensive e-learning program.

The program can be implemented as training only, or as part of our comprehensive Mapping Your Service Recovery Process intervention.