Contemporary leadership development

Master the skills to manage things and lead people successfully

The idea of letting a pilot fly an aircraft without a pilot’s certificate would seem ludicrous. Nevertheless, successful professionals in business organizations are often given the responsibility to lead other people and then are left to their own devices, without having the necessary management and leadership competencies, training or experience.
What’s more, managers are often so busy trying to deal with their day-to-day work challenges that they
may not even notice failing to live up to their role as leaders.
A prerequisite for achieving good results is not just professional excellence, but also people skills and management competence. Organizations that achieve the best, lasting results tend to be the ones that, at an early stage, set up clear and simple management principles, make sure that everybody has a shared understanding of these, and stick to them in practice – consistently.
TMI can help you create a strong and consistent leadership culture across borders, and equip your leaders with the necessary insights and competencies. Our contemporary leadership development programs provide the hands-on knowledge, insights and techniques it takes to apply leadership approaches in practice – effectively. They enable managers to directly implement principles and integrate new habits in their daily work, whatever their chosen field or specific function.
TMI’s contemporary leadership development offering includes a wide range of pragmatic
leadership development concepts and tools:
  • Leadership 1-2-3 – a series of leadership development workshops designed for mid-level managers
  • Behavioral Style Patterns and Management – learn about your individual leadership style preferences and how you can flex your style along situational variables for optimum effect
  • Idea Navigator* – a unique tool and facilitated management workshop to help you creatively explore and resolve problems, and identify new business opportunities
  • The Crossing – a TMI book and related development offering on 18 keys to reaching your goals
  • And more…
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