The Crossing

18 keys to reach your goals

Learn about the secrets of leadership, teamwork and performance in the context of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat over 18 days. As each day presents a new challenge 18 keys to reaching your goals are revealed.

Target audience

Those of us wanting to develop a conscious approach to reaching the goals that truly matter to them – at work and in life.

Key learning points & outcomes

Whatever the project we undertake in our life, it will be a voyage in which one by one we must overcome the obstacles, which stand between us, and our desired destination. We all must make a voyage in our life and in each of the important decisions we make. Like a sailboat on the high seas, a person may founder in the slightest squall; or, alternatively, one can hold out against the storm and reach one’s port of destination.


Living is like Sailing…


Our goals are:

  • Reaching destination
  • Not sinking during the trip
  • Overcoming difficulties
  • Enjoying life and everything achieved
We cannot change the direction of the wind, or the force of the sea, or the size of the waves, or the current, which drags our sailboat off its course. But we can change the setting of our sails and the bearing of our tiller. Or we can simply stop fighting the waves in vain and ride out the storm.
The 18 keys to achieving our goals, set out in eighteen days at sea, relate to two inseparable realms in which we pursue our goals: ourselves and the people we work with, or rather our team. One must be fully aware that the outcome does not depend solely on the individual, but rather on his or her colleagues as well. Thus, the keys are divided into two groups: 9 refer to the self, and 9 to the self in relation with others.
The goal of the program is to help participants to chart their own course and identify clearly how many of these nine plus nine points threaten to sink their boat. During the program, participants have the opportunity to identify the keys to overcoming, one by one, all the obstacles which may impede them on their particular journey.

Course form

  • 2-day in-company training workshop.
  • Group size: 15-20
  • Participants receive a personal copy of the TMI book The Crossing by Gustavo Piera.