Effective Negotiations

Negotiate your way

Negotiations in all walks of life often involve many complex tasks and require skills and experience to be executed successfully. Effective Negotiations is a highly practical interactive training course that helps you develop your negotiation skills, through well-designed experiential activities, practice simulations and self-reflection.

Target audience

This program is relevant to business professionals who regularly conduct negotiations, and either haven’t received suitable training in negotiation techniques, or would benefit from an insightful refresher.

High spots

What participants will walk away with

  • Appreciate and acquire the skills and qualities that a good negotiator should have
  • Recognize the characteristics of different negotiation styles, the strengths and weaknesses of these, and use each particular style, as appropriate
  • Be aware of their natural predominant style, and the areas they can improve in order to flex their main style to a more effective one, as the situation requires
  • Realize the impact of Emotional Intelligence skills on final outcomes and the importance of emotional factors in negotiations
  • Have experimented with various strategies and tactics used by negotiators
  • Be able to lead and manage the negotiating process
  • Define areas and actions for application in practice

Key learning points & outcomes

It is difficult to imagine how we could possibly get through a single day without negotiating, formally or informally, on a personal or a professional level. As professionals we negotiate with customers, suppliers, fellow workers and superiors. We negotiate prices, delivery times, salaries, sales and credit policies, just to name a few.

Effective negotiation skills are essential if you want to achieve your goals, define your terms, express your limitations or help others meet their needs. Your success depends very much on how competent you are in getting what you want or need without upsetting your relationships.
A unique feature of this program is that it addresses both the invisible psychological factors and the visible process – both equally important elements for win-win outcomes. It takes you from the invisible elements (emotions, styles, communication, power) to the process and gives you the opportunity to practice them altogether through simulated business negotiation situations. 
This negotiation skills training provides you with the opportunity to develop the competencies and skills required for negotiating successfully and creating meaningful business relations. The program focuses on the invisible factors critical for success, and how you can lead the process and manage the negotiation stages effectively in order to reach the best possible agreement.

Program overview


The negotiation process

  • Preparation is key
  • Opening 
  • Main part
  • Closing
  • Post negotiations

The invisible elements

  • Negotiation styles
  • Handling emotions
  • The role of communication
  • Negotiating power

Course form

  •  2-day open or in-company training workshop
  • Group size: 12-15