Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

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Great leaders bring out the best in people by working effectively through emotions. The emotional aspects of leadership have an enormous impact on organizational climate, and the achievements of groups and organizations.
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is vital to success in business, and in life in general. Emotional intelligence determines how well you can tune in to the emotional ‘vibe’ of your organization, and how you act as a leader. It determines how you relate to others, how you communicate, how effectively you influence, engage, and inspire people to perform, how you handle crisis situations – and so on. Importantly Emotional Intelligence or EI, unlike intellect or IQ, can be effectively developed throughout life.
TMI is a pioneer and key player in the corporate application of Emotional Intelligence, including Team EI, Organizational EI, and EI Leadership.
In 1999 Claus Moller, founder of TMI, published one of the first books on Emotional Intelligence, called ‘Heart Work’. TMI was among the first to develop a validated tool, the Personal EQ Meter, which reliably measures individual EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) and provides specific recommendations for development.
We have developed other innovative tools, including the EI Leadership Activator, which helps managers internalize and put into practice the concept of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.
TMI has designed a comprehensive framework, called the EI Leadership Development Process, helping leaders explore effective leadership habits, styles and practices, and to apply these in practice to create more productive, adaptive and sustainable environments in their organizations.
From Las Vegas to New Delhi, Moscow to Mexico City, we’ve worked with thousands of leaders worldwide, coming from very diverse cultural backgrounds and organizations of all sizes and industries. We have helped them to understand, apply and leverage the power of Emotional Intelligence in their organizations to great effect.

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