Employeeship Training

Mobilizing everybody's energy to win

Success in corporate life is in big part about mobilizing and focusing the energy of all employees to ensure the success, survival and growth of the company. This program provides great inspiration on what it takes from both managers and staff to develop that special atmosphere of commitment we call Employeeship. Employeeship is an optimum organizational culture where management and staff both share the responsibility for success and failure – and join efforts to achieve the best results they can.

Target audience

Managers and staff at all levels in your organization.

Key learning points & outcomes

Who played the most important part on D-Day – "Management" or the Soldiers?

It is generally agreed that the successful landing in Normandy on D-Day was the result of great leadership, competent management, clear allocation of responsibilities and tasks, and not least co-operation and a level of unparalleled commitment and sacrifice that words cannot describe. Everybody was determined. Everyone did their best. The proof of this was in the results.
Nobody would dream of giving the full credit for this operation to "management". It has been successful only because everyone at all levels took responsibility and did their very best.
Organizations fight their own battles, too. They fight to penetrate new markets, to maintain market share, to grow – to survive. But traditionally, only leaders and managers are in focus. If the organization is successful, it is the result of great leadership and competent management. If unsuccessful, it is the result of bad leadership and incompetent management. Leaders of the organization are considered responsible for practically everything. Heavy responsibilities often lead to caution and inaction. Under too much pressure people are often inclined to go on "safe mode". This can be very dangerous in a fast and constantly changing world.
Employeeship is new thinking
The world around us is changing faster than ever before. The management thinking that used to create impressive results, now often creates lots of problems. We have reached a point where new thinking is required. Employeeship is new thinking. Employeeship is a new effective concept that is about creating a strong commitment to purpose from everybody in your organization. It is a new culture where leadership and staff share full responsibility for success and failure.
Responsibility, loyalty and initiative are key
Employeeship is based on the notion that everybody in your organization has enormous unused resources at their disposal – their own potential. Your people are probably your organization’s most valuable resource, yet maybe not enough of them feel they can leverage their potential in the best possible way. TMI’s Employeeship process can help your organization unleash and benefit from this vast reservoir of talent and creative energy to make things happen. It is not enough to appeal to the rational mind by telling staff what to do and why. You also need a positive emotional response. You need your people to care. You need your people to want to, and dare to, take responsibility and action. A shared sense of responsibility is vital if want to survive, adapt and succeed in business.
Everybody can be a leader – at different levels.
Any organization must be lead and managed in some way. Employeeship is not about taking responsibilities away from managers and handing it over to staff. What we believe, and have experienced throughout our work with our clients, is that everyone can and should become leaders and managers of their own circle of personal responsibility and influence. This, in most organizations, takes a mental shift in attitudes – on the part of managers and staff alike.
When managers don’t have a fundamental trust in that their people can take useful initiatives independently, staff is likely to sense this and take no responsibility, but leave initiative and responsibility with those at the top instead.
Employeeship combines the demand for productivity, effectiveness and survival with the self-determination of individuals working for your organization. It is about creating an environment that makes it possible for individuals to develop through their work, connect and synergize with others, and accomplish much more together than they could individually. It is about making the sum greater than it’s parts. But first, leaders and manager must walk ahead and lead the way. We can help you start on this journey.

Course form

  • 1 or 2 days in-company training workshop.
  • Group size: 12-200
  • Employeeship is best utilized as part of a comprehensive organizational change management initiative engaging all employees. With large-scale interventions group size is typically between 60-100, with participants representing a diagonal slice of the organization from all functions and levels of responsibility.
  • Participants receive their personal copy of TMI’s Employeeship workbook and additional resource materials.