Implementation and Integration


Throughout our interventions we use innovative tools to help translate ideas into practice, and make learning stick. Let us provide you with 2 great examples below:

EI Leadership Activator

Practice makes perfect.
EI Leadership Activator is a board game, designed for use as a practical exercise following the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program. EIL Activator will help the participants deepen their insights from the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program and experiment with style flexibility according to different situations.



Target audiences

Participants of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Program.


  • 3-6 hours practical simulation using a board game
  • Group size: each set of the board game can be played by two teams of three people each. With 4 sets provided, up to 24 people can play at a time.
  • This tool is best combined with the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program, and TMI’s Personal EQ Meter online self-assessment.


Idea Navigator*

Creative business problem solving.
Idea Navigator is a toolkit and a facilitated collaborative problem solving process. You can use it to help you and your team to come up with innovative solutions to business problems. The key to Idea Navigator's effectiveness is that it uses the familiar look and feel of a board game making it easy to use. 
Whatever the industry, whatever the issue, Idea Navigator is a practical and quick way to generate ‘outside the square’ solutions to business problems.

How does Idea Navigator work?

Idea Navigator gives you a practical process to follow and a wide range of problem solving tools and techniques to choose from.
The board takes you through a methodical problem solving process. It begins by helping you Define the problem or opportunity, then it gets you to Explore root causes, next you Innovate solutions and finally it helps you Incubate chosen ideas to build traction and support for them. Throughout the process, the cards ask questions, guide discussion, suggest activities and stimulate your creativity.
The way that Idea Navigator brings together the use of the board and cards helps you and your team be both creative and methodical in your approach to problem solving.

Where did Idea Navigator come from?

Idea Navigator is the brain-child of Auckland-based Director of MindSpring New Zealand Limited; Damian D’ Cruz. Damian has worked as a Consultant in business problem solving / process improvement, group facilitation, communication and leadership development since 1993. 
Damian’s experience in problem solving and group facilitation combined with his Masters Degree research in Design Management gave him the inspiration for a practical problem solving resource with the look and feel of a board game. 
TMI uses Idea Navigator in facilitated group problem solving processes and is a licensed representative of Idea Navigator.

Target audiences

Teams focusing on creating innovative solutions to business problems, or leveraging new opportunities.


  • 3-6 hours facilitated problem solving workshop using the Idea Navigator tool
  • Group size: ideally 6-12 people
  • This tool can be utilized on it’s own, or as part of an initiative to develop team collaboration, or team creativity   
Read more about Idea Navigator here:
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