Food for thought.

TMI interventions are famous for their engaging and inspiring style. It would be a bit hard to convey the essence of an inspiring TMI workshop here, however we can share with you some of the great books and publications TMI consultants have authored throughout the years. These books and publications are frequently used to provide food for thought to participants prior to taking part in one of our development programs or workshops. Let us share a few examples here with you:
Branded Customer Service business bestseller by Paul Stewart and Janelle Barlow introduces a pathway to genuinely transform the customer experience to reinforce the brand at every customer interaction.
Heart Work by Claus Moller helps you make sense of the concept of Emotional Intelligence, as applied to business organizations. This original concept made TMI a major player in the corporate application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
The Crossing by Gustavo Piera puts you on a journey to learn about the secrets of great personal leadership, teamwork and performance in the context of crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a sailboat over 18 days. As each day presents a new challenge 18 keys to reaching your goals are revealed.
A Complaint Is A Gift business bestseller by Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller establishes an innovative approach to shaping complaint-friendly organizational cultures, and offers practical solutions for effective complaint handling.
Employeeship by Claus Moller introduces the concept of Employeeship – a management philosophy and consulting tool on how to shape a healthy and vibrant organizational culture that is characterized by mutual responsibility, loyalty, initiative and trust.
Putting People First by Claus Moller, providing great food for thought on an exceptional service management approach, helping you to achieve a service quality that truly stands out.
Time Manager by Claus Moller helps you get to grips with the original TMI time management philosophy, that was the first of its kind worldwide. It established a whole new body of knowledge on how to enhance personal effectiveness and organizational efficiency – and it provides you great inspiration to get started.