Interpersonal excellence

Communicating and collaborating effectively

While interpersonal competencies are based on personality, temperament and fundamental habits, we’ve learnt through years of experience that learning programs have substantial value in raising awareness and helping to consciously change habits for the better.

TMI has a broad range of development programs in communication, performance management, project

management, business negotiations, emotional intelligence, personal leadership and more.

At TMI we believe that having the right attitude is halfway to success. If people are to learn and apply new habits we need to encourage them to care, and ensure they want to change. One of our core strengths is not only developing the relevant skills, but providing a healthy dose of inspiration that prompts people to fundamentally rethink and change their attitudes for the better.

After all, that’s exactly what we stand for: ‘Transformation Managed with Inspiration’ – at both the personal and the organizational level.