Performance Coaching

Turning technical experts into people managers

Performance Coaching gives managers the ability to hold employees accountable for their performance whilst maintaining a positive morale and work culture. Based on validated research and brilliantly simple models, this program identifies factors that contribute to effective management and helps systematically address each one. Managers learn approaches to manage high-, medium- and low-performers, translate these approaches to their existing staff, and practice coaching discussions around each type of performance. They observe and coach each in a range of structured simulations.

Target audience

Managers with direct reports and performance responsibilities.

Key learning points & outcomes

Most newly appointed managers struggle to make the mental transition from being a performer, a doer into becoming a leader of people. Not knowing how to deal with performance issues, some fall into the default modes of command and control, causing fear and compliance among employees. Others try to become friends with their staff, which may be fun, but typically does not help to make performance a priority. There has to be a better way, and that way is Performance Coaching.


Program outline

  • Why is coaching important to improve performance?
  • Understanding the habits of highly effective managers and coaches
  • Coaching in different situations: High performers, Average performers, Poor performers
  • Simulations and skills practice with individual feedback
  • Action planning to get started


Course form

  • 2-day in-company training workshop
  • group size: 12