Personal Effectiveness

Increasing effective use of your most precious resource: time

We cannot ‘manage’ time, really. What we can manage is our choices, our focus, our energy. What we chose to do, and when and how we chose to do it.

It is how we use our time that decides whether we will reach our goals or not. It all starts at an individual level, but applies just as well to teams and entire organizations.

You will only achieve results if you spend time on the tasks and activities that lead to your desired results. This rule sounds simple, but most people find it extremely difficult to adhere to.

From our 30 years of extensive work with clients, we have found that too many people spend too much

time on things that add little or no value, because they don’t plan their time management with their goals in mind and therefore are not focusing on their priorities well.

Time management is about doing the right things right:

Attending to what is truly important and not only what is urgent

  • Effective management of meetings and projects
  • Managing emails and not being managed by them
  • Implementation and action
  • And, for managers, effective delegation, managing management time and collective time management.

Time management is also about life management – creating a work/life balance.

TMI is a pioneer and world leader in the fields of personal and organizational effectiveness. In 1975 TMI developed the Time Manager™time management results tool – the first of its kind in the world. The original concept has led to the development of a unique and innovative range of time management products, including Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook™– designed for the world’s most popular email and calendar software.