Personal EQ Meter

Test your Emotional Intelligence Online

The online version of TMI’s Personal EQ Meter is an ideal way for you to assess your Emotional Intelligence at a time and place most convenient to you, and get personal feedback from a certified TMI consultant.

Key learning points & outcomes

Following extensive research TMI launched an online Emotional Intelligence test for personal evaluation and development: Personal EQ Meter (PEQM).

The Personal EQ Meter is a help to render visible an individuals personal aptitudes and skills in dealing with emotional matters. It is a tool to bring to light the human qualities that may not be related to professional skills, but which are all-important for anyone to be successful and do well in the organization.
Among other things, a PEQM test makes it possible to assess and compare staff members’ or job applicants' Emotional Intelligence profile with the profiles of others.
The idea behind making the test available online is that respondents can sit the test at the comfort of their home or at work, at a time that best suits them. The scoring of the results is done automatically. This means that consultants or personnel managers, who are certified to use the test, can present the results to respondents immediately after responses have been submitted online. Additionally, the automatic system eliminates the risk of mistakes, which easily happen when a test is scored manually.
Before sitting the test, respondents should contact a test certified TMI consultant for login details to access the PEQM test. As soon as the test is completed, the data is forwarded to TMI. The test consultant downloads the test results and ensures that the respondent gets their results and feedback, preferably at a personal meeting. This helps to ensure that the respondents receive the right instructions before sitting the test, and are offered personal feedback after the test.