Personal Organization

Achieve more with less

Lots of great advice, useful time management techniques, and inspiration to help you reduce stress and make it easier to produce quality results in all areas of your life. On this down-to-earth, highly practical training program you will learn to manage your tasks effectively, handle vast amounts of information and control stress. You will learn how to tell the difference between what is truly essential and must be done now, and what is it that can wait for later.

Target audience

Everyone who wants to get out more and stress out less.

Key learning points & outcomes

When you or your staff attend this intensive one-day training in Personal Organization, you will learn to set priorities in practice, and tell the difference between tasks that are truly important, and those that vie for your attention but appear much more urgent, than they are important. The objective is to help you achieve better overview, get a greater sense of control, manage your energy levels, reduce stress, and set your creative powers free.

Program overview

  • Effective time management and planning
- to ensure that you spend your time on the right things, those that lead you closer to your goals.
  • Personal Organization
- methods and techniques to help you achieve greater overview and sense of control.
  • Effective stress management
- learn to better manage your stress, and make positive use of stress energy.
  • Order and system at work
- to help you maintain a higher energy and performance level, effectiveness, fewer errors and better control.

Course form

  • 1-day in-company training workshop.
  • Group size: 12-200
  • Participants receive a personal copy of the TMI workbook Personal Organization.