Team effectiveness

In TMI language, a successful team displays ‘Teamship’. Teamship exists when everyone in the team:

  • is capable – has adequate skills and knowledge;
  • is willing – co-operates and brings out their best as individuals and team members; and
  • is allowed to take responsibility and initiative.

During 30 years, TMI has helped people work together to develop and sustain a true team spirit and become a real team – not just a work group. TMI’s team development offerings include a comprehensive range of tests, team development programs and implementation tools.

TMI can help teams, team leaders and team members:

  • Become high performing teams
  • Engage, understand and commit to team objectives and their role. Align efforts of all team members, focus on the things that matter, and manage their time, activities and projects effectively
  • Solve problems and conflicts and make emotions in the team work for – and not against – the team
  • Build and maintain good relations with the team’s stakeholders
  • Dramatically improve overall individual and team performance.