Team building for Winning Teams.

This program is about how to succeed as a team and achieve more working together. It is about how to develop a team spirit and team competence in any team in any organization. A successful organization may be described as a "team of teams". The success of any organization depends on the success of each team and the teams' ability to co-operate and support each other. This team building and team management program is customized to meet your specific needs and help you lay the foundations of your team’s success. Using a football team as an analogy, you will learn how to develop and maintain ‘Teamship’ and create real teams, winning teams – rather than just working groups.


Business benefit

  • Your organization becomes a more closely and more effectively collaborating ‘team of teams’
  • Working groups form into high performing ‘real’ teams
  • Individual team members become committed team players, bringing both their minds and hearts into the game

Target audience

Leaders and members of teams, including project teams.

Key learning points & outcomes

 Program overview

  • Organizational competence, success areas and -levels
  • Top performing teams in sports and in organizations
  • Flexibility
  • A team of teams
  • The Teamship top factors
  • The can/will model and the third dimension: authorization
  • Test – Teamship Meter
  • Carefully designed and selected team building exercises to help you bring things to life

Course form

  • 2-day in-company training retreat.
  • Group size: 12-20
  • Participants receive a personal copy of the TMI workbook Teamship.