Time Manager® for Microsoft Outlook™

Key principles for effective people

One of the key issues facing organizations and individuals today is increasing their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to using their most valuable resource – time. Combining TMI’s unique Time Manager™ principles with the world’s most popular e-mail and calendar software, this program will teach you how to enhance your time management, boost your personal effectiveness, and improve organizational efficiency using Microsoft Outlook™.

Target audience

Those who run our lives on Microsoft Outlook™ and have more on their plate than they can possibly handle. That is, practically most of us. 

High spots

Key benefits for your organization

  • Enables your staff to use the tools they already have to dramatically improve their effectiveness
  • Better focus of individual efforts on achieving the overall business strategy
  • Improved group communications resulting in greater team effectiveness

Key benefits for you personally

  • Better time management and control
  • Better ability to determine and realize individual goals
  • Improved integration of long-term objectives with short-term demands
  • Dramatically improved efficiency to process e-mail and incoming information
  • Creating maintaining a clear overview, and getting a sense of confidence that things are under control

Key learning points & outcomes

Microsoft conducted a global time management and productivity survey called the Microsoft Productivity Challenge with 38,000 participants from over 200 countries. Here are some of the highlights:

  • People who work an average of 45 hours a week consider 38% of that time unproductive
  • Workers spend 5.6 hours each day in meetings. 69% feel the meetings are unproductive
  • 60% say they don’t have a work/life balance

Another survey found that the average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes, that’s 50-60 per day consuming up to 50% of working time.

One of the key issues facing organizations today is increasing productivity in using their most valuable resource – time.
Time is something we can’t really manage. What we can manage is what we put priority on, our energy
levels and the sequence of our activities. This is what decides whether we reach our goals or not. That may sound simple enough, but most people find it extremely difficult to apply this in practice consistently.
Why? Reasons typically include lacking clarity of goals and objectives; being overloaded with tasks and information; lacking overview and structure, and unconsciously sticking to work habits that guarantee to
make you unproductive.

Time management is about doing the right things right.

It is about attending to what is important and not only what is urgent. It is about effective management of meetings and projects. It is about managing e-mails and not being managed by them. It is about implementation. For managers it is very much about effective delegation, managing management time and collective time management. And, of course, it’s also about creating a balanced life.
Combining TMI’s Time Manager™ principles with the world’s most popular e-mail and calendar software, we’ve created the solution that helps you boost your personal and organizational effectiveness using Microsoft Outlook™.
Like many software applications, Microsoft Outlook™ is a complex and powerful package, yet many of us use it simply for e-mail. It’s time to unlock the potential of Outlook and turn your PC or Mac into a seamless time management tool!
With over two decades' experience in the field of personal productivity, TMI has ‘panned the gold’ from the Outlook™ program in order to make this a highly effective implementation tool for the application of our celebrated Time Manager™ principles.
As a result, in just one day you can learn to unlock the potential of Microsoft Outlook™ to significantly improve your productivity and achieve greater results at work.
This workshop is not a software training session. We start from the premise that all participants are computer literate and are currently using Outlook® to some extent. The program is designed to introduce participants to the highly successful TMI philosophy of time management and demonstrate how to put this into practice and achieve better results using Microsoft Outlook™.

Program overview

  • This workshop is a combination of inspiring presentation and hands-on training covering the following:
  • An introduction to effective time management principles and habits
  • Building a Decision Base in Outlook™ that complements the overall strategic goals of the business and your job
  • Creating a clear overview of your tasks linked to Key Result Areas
  • Building the bridge between ‘What’ and ‘When’ - linking Tasks to your Daily Plan
  • Becoming results-focused rather than activities-driven
  • Taming the chaos resulting from task and information overload
  • Eating Elephants – handling those Really Big Tasks
  • Dealing with interruptions & distractions
  • Stopping e-mail eating up your day
  • Sorting and managing your information, so you’ll find what you need when you need it
  • Making meetings more productive
  • Turning it all into great time management practice back on the job 

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  • 1 or 2-day open or in-company time management training workshop.
  • Group size: 12-20
  • Participants receive a complimentary personal copy of the TMI book Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook™ - Principles for Effective People.
  • This program can be implemented as training only, or as part of our comprehensive You Have Too Much Time intervention to improve team-, or organizational time management and effectiveness