TMI Client Success Story, Major global FMCG, Romania

Inspiring performance

Our client is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, employing over 100,000 staff
worldwide with net revenues of US$37 billion.
Their challenge was that responsibility and initiative of employees was not at the desired level. Workers tended to work with a rather reactive, problem-solving attitude, as opposed to taking a more proactive, opportunity-focused approach when conducting business. To help turn the situation around a program called ‘TRIP’ was initiated – Turning Responsibility and Innovation into Performance.

What was delivered:

  • Top management kick-off workshops to understand the situation and explore key concepts from TMI’s Employeeship ™ program around change, responsibility and initiative – focusing on what managers can do to create the right environment
  • A comprehensive action plan was conceived and implemented as a result
  • Workshops held for 150 key staff on the concept of Employeeship – focusing on what managers and staff can do to bring these to life
  • Action plans were formed and cascaded in each department, with on-going monitoring at top management meetings
  • A top management wrap-up session to review and evaluate results

What has been achieved:

  • A substantial number of robust new improvement initiatives were conceived and successfully implemented
  • Business results grew by cca. 30% over the next two years