Octavian Pantis – CEO, TMI Romania



  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Relations, University of Oradea, Romania; Postgraduate studies on Management and International Marketing, Covenant Business School, Atlanta, USA
  • Member of Professional Speakers Association, UK
  • Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) by Success Insights International, USA.
  • TMI International Lead Consultant and Master Facilitator

About Octavian

Octavian started the operations of TMI in Romania in 1999, attracting talented consultants to the team and leading them to accomplish extraordinary achievements. TMI Romania was declared ‘Training Company of the Year 2007’ in Romania and continues to enjoy a high level of customer and participant appreciation.
Every year Octavian leads numerous training and consulting initiatives for management teams from
companies across industries, as well as individual coaching projects with executives. An increasing number of Octavian’s client engagements are keynote speeches to large audiences on the subject of leadership.
TMI Romania recently launched a series of audiobooks, with the first two – Time Management and Practical Leadership – written and narrated by Octavian.
Octavian’s clients include several global brand names in the FMCG, telecommunications, hospitality, banking, and cosmetics sectors. 
You can contact Octavian directly by email at: octavian.pantis@tmi.ro