The Simulator Experience

Participants tap into the skills, discipline and complexity of an industry that does all these things on a daily basis and to a very high standard. They can then apply the learning back in their own business operations.


What pilots are trained to master and what participants will learn:
  • how to evaluate a situation and make quick decisions under pressure;
  • how to work as a team, with clear roles and responsibilities;
  • how to manage available resources;
  • how to maintain maximum control in a critical situation;
  • how to understand and follow the standard procedures;
PLUS: the thrill and unforgettable experience of flying a modern commercial jet airplane.
The session is run in groups of 4 participants. The total duration of the workshop, at the site of the
simulator, is 8 hours.
Time allocation:
  • Arrival in Sofia in the morning or on the night before (depending on the time slot allocated for the simulator)
  • Briefing before flight – 3 hours
  • Simulator session – 4 hours
  • About 2 hours per each trainee in the role of the pilot or co-pilot
  • The other trainees actively observe the flight operations and gain valuable insights
  • Debriefing – 1 hour
  • Overnight stay or departure (depending on the time slot allocated for the simulator)