TMI helps organisations transform.

We empower and inspire people to change by making the key connection between heart and mind.

We help your people to delight your customers at every touch point.

We help your Leaders and Managers to become emotionally intelligent role models who their people willingly follow.

We take your team members on an unforgettable learning journey that changes their perspectives and their behaviours, making a difference both in work – and in life.

We help create cultures that cultivate engagement, opportunity, customer centricity, growth and ambition.

This is our promise to you.

The TMI Story So Far

Ever since our foundation in 1975, we have directly influenced and inspired more than 6,000,000 people worldwide. We continue to have a positive impact on the lives and performance of over 250,000 individuals working in a wide range of organisations each year.

TMI has a rich and exciting history - and an ambitious vision for the future. Take a look at a snapshot of our milestones and achievements over the decades so far.


Foundation of TMI

TMI is founded by Claus Møller in Denmark. In the same year the ‘Time Manager’ concept is introduced.


Introduction of ‘Putting People First’ concept

Another cornerstone of TMI’s success, an exceptional service management approach about achieving excellent service quality.


Top recognition by European Services Industries Forum (ESIF)

TMI is rated ‘Europe’s leading company in training and education’ in a report to the EC Commission; ‘The Human Side of Quality’ concept receives International recognition.


Claus Møller named as one of the nine ‘Quality Gurus’

Tmi founder is the only European in the UK’s Department of Trade ‘Quality Gurus’ list.


Introduction of the ‘Employeeship’ concept

TMI introduces a management philosophy and consulting tool on how to shape a healthy and vibrant organisational culture.


Introduction of the ‘Complaint is a Gift’ concept

TMI establishes an innovative approach in shaping complaint-friendly organisational cultures, offering practical solutions for effective complaint handling.


Launch of ‘Heart Work’ concept

TMI becomes a major player in the corporate application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


TMI named a ‘B2B Superbrand’ in Denmark

TMI becomes one of the strongest brands in its home, Denmark.


TMI integrates Branded Customer Service

BCS provides a pathway to transform the customer experience to reinforce the brand at every customer interaction.


TMI launches innovative solutions for Customer Experience

TMI introduces the ‘Mapping Your Service Recovery’ concept and the ‘Shaping a Customer Centric Culture’ consulting process.


TMI unveils its brand new look

The Future and Beyond...

Our Expertise

With over 40 years of research and experience of helping people and organisations to transform, TMI is the consultancy of choice for many of the world’s leading organisations.

We take you on an inimitable learning journey that results in positive change.

For your people, your customers and the performance of your organisation.

TMI specialises in 5 focus areas:

Customer Experience

Culture Change

Performance Improvement

Leadership Development

Behavioural Based Safety

TMI people are:

PassionateTMI people love what they do, and this genuine passion shines through.

Thought provokingWe challenge everyday thinking by encouraging reflection and dialogue.

InspirationalOur learning journeys are unforgettable – for all the right reasons!

FunLife is too short not to have fun – and at TMI we are big on fun!

CommittedWorking together in an inclusive partnership to achieve your objectives.

CompetentTalent within the TMI Network abounds – we have a variety of exceptional people who can help.


Part of a Global Network

TMI World is part of the TACK & TMI global Network of 55+ offices, serving clients in 37 languages.

To find out more about our network, visit the TACK & TMI Global website.

TMI World is now part of Gi Group – a major multi-national staffing firm offering a wide range of HR related services. TMI, alongside sister company TACK International, represents the group’s Learning and Development practice.

To learn more about Gi Group, visit the website at


Work with Us.

TMI is always open to hearing from exceptional talent.

Whilst we don’t currently have vacancies within our Global Headquarters team, if you feel you have something to offer, please do get in touch.

Of course, we’ll advertise any upcoming roles right here on our global website, so please visit frequently to check for openings that would suit your skills and experience.

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