Advanced Materials Firm embeds a culture of Safety Excellence across the globe

Effective and efficient manufacturing processes and operations are essential in maintaining this client’s position in the marketplace. Health & Safety is an integral part of their operations and progressing towards a Zero Harm culture across the world is both a key value as well as a non-negotiable goal.

In close collaboration with this client, with commitment of the Board and engagement of Senior Management, a company-wide behavioural based safety initiative was designed, developed and launched to continually improve the working environment and attitudes towards Health & Safety and to consolidate and develop all aspects of Health & Safety activity across the world.

121 workshops were initially delivered in 18 countries and 14 languages, with 1500 managers and employees being touched by an inspirational and emotional learning experience that changed their way of thinking about Safety – and their way of working every day.

The client committed to an engaging and robust leader training of Safety Champions within their business to deliver the concepts, approach and know-how to the entire global organisation over a specified timescale.

In addition to feelings of pride, increased engagement, motivation and productivity, this client organisation achieved significant results in Safety KPIs including a reduction in Lost Time Frequency rate by 39% in the first year.

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