Global financial services conglomerate builds professional competencies

This client – a global financial services company providing banking, investments, life insurance and retirement services in more than 50 countries – approached TMI Malaysia as partners to design and implement a high quality, connected competency-based professional and managerial skills learning solution for their entire organisation.

With the key professional development areas identified, TMI collaboratively designed and delivered a series of 1 day modular workshops to develop competence in root cause analysis, negotiation techniques, effective communication and presentation skills.

Additionally, inspirational learning experiences were developed to raise awareness of the value of emotional intelligence in business, help employees work effectively under pressure and manage stress, and adopt a positive work-life balance.

Whilst our client opted not to undertake formal tracking measures beyond Level 1 training evaluations, TMI has performed at, or above, the agreed standard of 85% Net Promoter Score.

As a result of the collaborative and fun working relationship that was cultivated, the high quality of the workshops – both in terms of cutting edge content and engaging delivery, and very high levels of client satisfaction, TMI were engaged as the preferred partner for a significant Service Transformation initiative within the organisation.

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