Global FMCG Company accelerates journey to Zero Accident through Safety Ownership

This Fortune 500 food and beverage giant aimed to design and deliver a unique Behavioural Based Safety initiative with the objective of encouraging ownership of Safety and Health by all leaders, in order that they become role models for others through their dedication, actions and behaviours.

The solution included design of a 1-2 day ‘Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health’ workshop with the same process steps – tailored, culturally adapted and translated for different audiences.

The organisation was provided with documentation packages, including safety improvement tools.

Additional ‘Caring through Health and Safety’ workshops, based on consistent concepts and targeted and tailored for office and administrative staff were developed to successfully embed a whole organisation culture of Safety Excellence.

In partnership with this client, 340 ‘Leaders Taking Ownership of Safety and Health’ workshops were delivered in 48 countries, with participant satisfaction in the value of the learning experience scoring an average of 94%.

The initiative successfully changed attitudes, making the key mind-set shift from a ‘rational’ approach to Safety to an ‘emotional’ approach.

Leaders not only became wholehearted committed to ‘owning’ Safety, but were equipped with the know-how, leadership skills and ‘will’ to perform their role as Visible Safety Leaders.

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