Accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

In the past, organisations have competed for customers and market share. Today, and even more so in the future, organisations will also have to compete for the right talent.

For 40+ years, TMI has been at the forefront of contemporary leadership development. We help organisations to attract the best people and inspire them to perform at their best.

We help develop Leaders who are both professionally and emotionally competent.

We partner with organisations to develop leadership insight, competence, courage, self-esteem and emotional intelligence.

TMI work with thousands of leaders worldwide, from diverse cultural backgrounds and from organisations of all sizes and industries.

Leadership Development Challenges

Leaders today must not only need to excel at mastering organisational complexity, but also be able to create the appropriate environment for adaptive, engaged and inspired performance at times of great change.

Great leadership does not come about on its own. Yet high performers are often given the responsibility to lead other people and then left to their own devices, without training or experience.

What’s more, managers are often so busy trying to deal with their day-to-day work challenges that they may not even notice failing to live up to their role as leaders.

A pre-requisite for achieving good results is not just professional excellence, but also people skills and management competence.

Organisations that achieve the best, lasting results tend to be those that set up clear and simple management principles at an early stage. They ensure everybody has a shared understanding of these, and stick to them in practice consistently.

Leadership Development Solutions

TMI can help you create a strong and consistent leadership culture across borders, and equip your leaders with the necessary insights and competencies.

Our contemporary leadership development programmes provide the hands-on knowledge, insights and techniques it takes to apply leadership approaches in practice – effectively.

They enable managers to directly implement principles and integrate new habits in their daily work, whatever their chosen field or specific function.

Below you'll find a sample of leadership development programmes representing just a few of the areas where TMI can help.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Build skills to become an exceptional leader

Leading for Success

Key skills for management effectiveness

Leadership 1, 2, 3

Learning Suite for your Organisation’s Leaders

Soulful Leadership

Focus your energy… Lead with courage

Teamship for Leaders

Lead a winning team

Leading the Generations

Lead multigenerational teams with confidence

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