Leading global IT solutions company, EMEA drives personal productivity

This major player in their field needed to help their extremely busy knowledge workers improve their personal productivity through effective time management.

Partnering with TMI, a ‘Driving Personal Productivity’ initiative, based on the company’s flagship ‘Time Manager for Outlook’ solution, was designed and rolled out to over 1000 employees across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

TMI created a versatile and engaging learning experience that links the practical elements of the Microsoft Outlook™ programme with TMI’s proven Time Manager™ principles, creating a very relevant time management solution that connects the ‘what’ to the ‘when’ for this business and its valued people.

Driving Personal Productivity sessions were delivered in a flexible 1 or 2 day format to best suit the target groups of learners in 14 European countries, 4 in the Middle East and 8 countries in Africa.

Furthermore, word spread of the success of this solution and TMI were also engaged to deliver workshops to a number of our client’s key enterprise accounts, funding through an innovative voucher system for their customers.

Participants were surprised and delighted with the power of the system, and its ease and effectiveness of integration to their day-to-day time management – helping to ensure that both the system and principles remained ‘sticky’ in their working life.

This training solution continues to be a central element of this client’s portfolio of development programmes and continues to pay dividends in terms of improvements in time management, work-life balance and business productivity.

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