Logistics Leaders learn to Shine!

TMI enable 1300+ customer-facing staff to deliver exceptional customer service, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and enhanced employee engagement.

Our client, a global market leader in international express logistics services, is committed to delivering a customer-centric service that is in full alignment with the company’s brand.

The ‘Shine’ initiative aimed to create an internal environment that empowers, inspires and enables all customer-facing staff to deliver exceptional customer service. TMI was asked to help shape a customer-centric culture in the organisation, with a goal of achieving increased customer satisfaction along with enhanced employee engagement.

TMI’s solution involved:

  • Leadership workshops to help establish vital implementation support at every level.
  • Formation of a cross-functional project team of ‘change champions’ to drive and reinforce the initiative.
  • Shine workshops, based on TMI’s award-winning Putting People First™ concept, for 1300+ staff to address customer orientation and align internal behaviours to brand values
  • Branded Customer Service™ learning workshops for customer-facing staff to align customer service experience to the brand promise
  • Implementation of change initiatives to improve organisational practices
  • Intensive internal communication and a recognition scheme

As a direct result of the Shine initiative and TMI’s intervention, the organisation realised a 5%+ increase in employee engagement scores, won a prestigious award for being ‘Most Customer Responsive Company in India’ and also received internal recognition with the global company for Shine as one of the best HR initiatives ever delivered.

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