Performance – Habits for an Effective Workplace

No matter how brilliant the strategy, any organisation’s success ultimately depends on the people responsible for executing it. This means every member of your team!

Performance improvement starts with shared understanding of – and commitment to – purpose and objectives.

Having the right systems, forming the right relationships and practicing the right habits day in and day out all helps to create an effective workplace.

We’ve helped over three million people around the world to enhance their performance and increase the value of their contribution to their organisation.

Helping your workforce be the best that they can be is our passion and our business.

What impact can we create on your bottom line?

Performance Improvement Challenges

TMI’s learning solutions in the performance improvement area cover a wide spectrum of development topics to meet the needs of individuals within your organisation.

Productivity and quality…

TMI help your people with time management – enabling them to focus their energy in the right places, achieve their goals and maintain a positive work-life balance.

We encourage and inspire your team members to think about their emotional intelligence, their personal ‘quality’ and how to improve their approach to work.

Wellbeing, engagement and harmonious working…

We help develop mindful workforces, better able to manage the day-to-day pressures of a fast-paced business environment, through learning and practicing mindfulness techniques.

Effective working relationships…

We help people with skills and confidence to voice their ideas, embrace differences and be versatile in the way they behave with others, reducing conflicts and promoting collaboration.

Performance Improvement Solutions

TMI designs, develops and delivers an extensive range of innovative and inspirational performance improvement solutions worldwide.

Below you’ll find a small sample of TMI’s processes, programmes and tools for enhancing performance.

Assertive Communication

Assert your views with confidence

Behavioural Styles Learning Suite

Adapt your style for productive working relationships

Brain Power

A work-out programme, for your brain!

Heart Work

How emotionally intelligent are you?

Reaching for the Stars

Improve quality of team performance


Be Part of a Winning Team

Coaching Conversations that get Results

Learning Suite – from Awareness to Expert!

Introduction to Mindfulness

Part of a comprehensive Learning Suite

Time Manager

Improve your personal efficiency

Time Manager for Outloolk® 2013

Use Microsoft Outlook 2013® to be more productive

Personal Guarantee

Ensure your name is associated with Quality

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