US Call Centre Increases Customer Satisfaction to 95%

TMI improve practices for dealing with customer complaints, with outstanding results for this major telecoms provider.

Our client is one of the largest providers of telephone services, DSL internet access and wireless service in the United States, with over 150 million customers. In a major initiative to boost customer satisfaction with call centre service across the United States, the company chose to engage TMI to help improve practices for dealing with customer complaints.

TMI created a customised ‘A Complaint is a Gift™’ customer services training intervention, designed specifically for a leader in the telecommunications space. Internal trainers were trained, coached and certified to deliver the learning solution to 3,500 employees across the United States – resulting in feedback for all programmes reaching record high evaluation levels. Furthermore, TMI supported the client with integrating the ‘A Complaint is a Gift™’ concept along with a ‘how to’ service recovery process within the internal call centre daily communication approach.

As a result of the initiative, customer satisfaction ration increased to 95% and customer retention rate in a dedicated call centre where customers called to cancel their service improved significantly from 16% to 33%, both making a significant, measurable impact to this client’s business.

Additional impressive results attributed to TMI’s intervention included reduced turnover of employees within the call centres, due to their enhanced ability to approach customer complaints in a positive way and reach satisfactory ‘feel good’ outcomes, the average number of calls per hour increased and the average call handling time decreased.

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